Sign the Pledge: Support Protections for Transgender People in the Workplace and Beyond!

In most states across the country, hardworking Americans can be fired from their jobs or denied housing simply because of who they are or who they love. Transgender Americans face discrimination particularly frequently – partly because so many people believe that they have never met a transgender person. We know that when Americans come to meet and understand who transgender people are, they are more likely to support protections that better their lives.

By speaking out and raising our voices in support of protections for transgender people, we can grow this movement and work to the day where no one faces legal discrimination because of who they are.

Add your name now to join the nationwide movement of businesses, faith leaders and every day Americans who believe it's time to fully protect all LGBT Americans under the law. Then be sure to invite your friends to take action, too.

Thank you to Logo for getting the word out about transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections in the workplace and beyond with their special "Fill in the Blank" on transitioning in the workplace, featuring transgender people and their co-workers discussing the challenges and joys of transitioning. Watch a clip here.